Anand’s Tech Journey: From Radios to SaaS

Meet Anand, the tech enthusiast with a fascinating journey that began in Calicut, India. Born in 1991, his childhood was filled with the buzzing sounds of electronics, thanks to his father’s expertise as an electronics technician. Anand’s early exposure sparked his curiosity, and he soon found himself tinkering with LED bulbs and batteries, laying the foundation for his love for technology.

Despite pursuing a diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Anand’s heart was set on computers and the internet. He dove headfirst into self-learning, mastering the art of assembling PCs and creating websites and blogs using WordPress. His knack for technology led him to envision innovative solutions, like an automatic location announcement system for public transport in Kerala, driven by GPS and IoT technology.

In 2015, fresh out of college, Anand and his friends embarked on their first entrepreneurial venture. Although their product didn’t achieve commercial success, it garnered attention and media coverage, showcasing Anand’s entrepreneurial spirit and technical prowess.

Undeterred by setbacks, Anand continued to hone his software development skills while working for various companies. In 2021, inspired by a client in the education sector, he founded VASS Systems and developed a multi-tenant data management tool for accreditation data, earning recognition from Startup India.

Now in 2023, Anand is ready for a new challenge as an IT Consultant. He envisions a role where he collaborates closely with clients, overseeing full-stack projects with accountability and delivering exceptional results. Anand is eager to leverage his expertise and experience to propel businesses forward.

If you’re seeking a dedicated and innovative IT consultant, look no further than Anand. Connect with him today to explore how he can add value to your projects and drive success.

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