Python Scripting and Libraries

=> Watch any of the videos for each Library and try your self

1.) Open CV

A.) Open CV by Tintu Vlogger

B.) Open CV by PyTechCode

C.) OpenCV Series by Programming Knowledge

2.) NumPy

A.) NumPy Tutorials by Malayali Code

B.) NumPy SIngle video by brAin Tek

3.) Pandas

Pandas Series by Malayali Code

Pandas Single video by brAin Tek

Pandas Series by Computer Padanavedi

4.) MatPlotLib

A.) Matplotlib by IamManuPrasad

B.) Matplotlib Tutorials by brAin Tek

C.) MatplotLib – English Videos

5.) Pillow Library

A.) Pillow tutorials by YesTech Media

B.) Pillow Tutorials series – English

6.) Python Web Scrapping and Automation (Try A or B and C or D)

A.) Web Scrapping Tutorials by Tintu

B.) Web Scrapping Tutorials by JR Coding

C.) Python Automation Tutorials by Tintu

D.) Python Automation Tutorials Series by Codeband

7.) Software Testing using Selenium (Optional – Knowledge section only)

A.) Selenium Testing using JAVA (Not with Python)

B.) Selenium Testing Using Python (English)