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Bus & Media Advertising

*Location Based advertising:- A new concept to modern competitive market.
*Reach your ads for right people at right time @ right place.
*People get more attention to you. Because of you are implementing the Latest Advertising technology that nobody else tried before.
*Spreading your messages & Ideas to more people at Low cost as compared to Other media
*Customers Can’t ignore you, because before taking the ultimate buying decision customers Repeatedly hearing about Your brand, features, offers & How to reach you.
*You have the chance to provide a great service to BUS passengers;
*Most of the common people, unknown passengers, and blind persons gets benefited.
*Become a Sponsor now! It is easy to sponsor one VASS GPS Automated Bus stop announcer system & promote your sales. More..

GPS Based Passenger information service

The VASS GPS Audio Bus Stop Announcer system comprises a rugged Navigation Computer and an Audio Player unit. The Navigation Computer receives data from Global Positioning Satellites via
a small antenna mounted on the roof of the bus and estimates the location of the vehicle within a range of 180-700 meters. Knowing the location of the bus, the system is programmed to provide a
variety of audio outputs. As the bus approaches a stop, a “Next Stop” audio message announcement in Multi Languages made and when the Bus leave the Stop, again an audio message will be played informing the passengers about the coming Stops.
Additional information, Special announcements and Commercial advertisement is also possible with this unit.
VASS Systems is currently developing a Video Bus Announcement System with GPS Tracker based on Android Operating System. More..

Business Consultant for Advanced technologies

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About VASS Systems


Vass system is a New Startup firm that promotes latest Technologies, and register under Indian partnership act 1932 & register under The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, a branch of the Government of India (It is the apex body for the formulation and administration of rules, regulations and laws relating to micro, small and medium enterprises in India) Our Home Location is Banglore and Operations based on Calicut (Kerala). We are one of the leading manufacturer of GPS based electronic products.
We are also providing technical support,service, Advertisement, Training & Other Outsourcing works. .

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Why we are ?

Why We are ?

  • Excellent customer service

    Our Dedicated Support team is ready to serve you 24x7 at your place

  • Innovative ideasand Advanced technologies

    We are implementing the latest technology available that no one has tried before..

  • Attractive price & offerse

    You can find the best deal. As compared to other conventional advertising medias like TV, FM Radio, New paper, we have some attractive packages.


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